Our study bureau

designs kitchens (our own Mouvement creations or based on top of the range name-brand industrially produced units) as well as bathrooms, dressing rooms, dining nooks, bookshelves, bedrooms, tables, bars, counters, offices…

Our units are conceived to be highly practical, but above all they take into account your lifestyle. You are the ones who will spend your time in these very special places.


It is vital for us to respect the character of each location

we are asked to work on. While the aesthetics plays a primary role (of course we do not approach a loft the same way as we would a converted priory), quality and the practical aspects are never minimized.


Our designers supply ultra-realistic 3D

views with their hi-tech computer programs, including architecture software, and our in-house library of materials: woods, particularly French walnut and oak, natural stone, stainless steel, granite, marble, Corian®… The 3D images enable you to accurately visualize all the materials chosen for your new surroundings. Our study bureau also provides technical plans and worksite follow-up.


Contemporary kitchens or new-look traditional

the integration of cold storage, wine fridges, etched glass or special appliances – we model the entire room taking into account the existing structures and technical constraints. Our study bureau creates the plans which enable you to see the new living space we will create together as realistically as possible.


Bathroom Projects