Three generations of devotion to wood and design

Though the first Mouvement showroom was opened in Avignon in 1985 by Philippe and Jacqueline Bernard, we need to go back to the 1930s to find the origins of the family’s passion for wood and top of the range furniture. Pierre Bernard, Philippe’s father, had acquired solid experience selling to well-known furniture boutiques in the exclusive Parisian Faubourg St Antoine before he returned to his roots, setting up business in the South of France.

So it was that Philippe and Jacqueline Bernard opened the first Mouvement shop in the Place Crillon in 1985, with an offer of top of the range name-brand modern kitchens and designer furniture for their customers in the Avignon area.

With a shared passion for design and interior architecture, their son Stéphane with his wife Valérie took over in 1998 and further developed the family business. In parallel, they decided to open a new outlet in the heart of Aix-en-Provence and created a production workshop in the nearby Gard region. From then on, Mouvement designed and made its very own models.

Today, Mouvement employs a team of 20 on its different sites, skillfully blending design and tradition: 6 designers, 4 installers, 3 salespeople and 7 cabinet makers.



Simplicity, aesthetics and harmony

Imagining daring forms, designing personalized answers to your needs, selecting the most beautiful materials … we are committed to respecting the individual character of each location we work on. Because a kitchen, a dining nook or a bedroom are very special places in a house, we focus on combining practicality with respect for the lifestyle of the people who will spend so much time there.

To reinvent these living places, Mouvement has self-imposed rules of simplicity, aesthetics and harmony: your needs are taken into account, your wishes are listened to, your taste for the details … everything is clearly stated, nothing superfluous is needed.

Our role lies in knowing how to make the private places in your home work best for you, suggesting shapes, skillfully assembling the raw or prepared materials from the cutting edge of design and tradition. We work together from the first sketches of your project through to its completion.